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  • 4th Grade Apostolic Project

    The 4th graders collected personal care items for Sharing and Caring Hands and delivered all of the donations on March 20th. They toured the facility, met Mary Jo Copeland and saw some of the people their donations would help.  Here are some of their reactions to the trip.

    “When we were leaving I was happy that I have all that I need and more.” – Isabella Tschida  
    “On the way I was happy and excited but a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect.” – Kristen Waller
    “I kept thinking about how much I have, how amazing Mary Jo Copeland is and that she may become a saint someday.” – Sierra Peterson
    “I was so excited to meet Mary Jo Copeland!” – Vance Sabers 
    “At Sharing and Caring Hands I was very grateful for a house, food, clothes and a bed. I was sad that so many people don’t have these things.” – Anya Szwejbka

    Total Donated:
    9,369 diapers
    449 bars of soap
    218 razors
    133 tubes of tooth paste
    255 tooth brushes
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    • Pre-Kindergarten at Ave Maria

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