Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition, Ave Maria Academy forms young minds, hearts, and souls through a commitment to clear thinking, academic achievement, character formation, prayer, and service. In an encouraging and safe environment transformed by faith, reason, and virtue, each child’s unique and God-given talents are nurtured through mastery of a rigorous curriculum and active participation in the Catholic faith.

School Philosophy

List of 4 items.

  • Faith: Catholic Identity and Spiritual Formation

    We embrace the fundamental truth and beauty of Roman Catholic teaching which serves as the foundation for everything we do. We provide the knowledge base necessary to form a deep commitment to the Catholic Faith tradition. Every hour of the school day is infused with the Church’s teachings on faith and morals. Children learn they are created in God’s likeness and that developing their relationship with Him is essential. The school’s special relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is ever present to us, gives the staff, students and school community, nourishment, hope and confers grace.
  • Reason: A Commitment to Academic Excellence

    Curriculum is robust, rigorous and grounded in the classics. Core disciplines include religion, English, mathematics, science, history and geography. Studies are enriched by Spanish, Latin, technology, arts, and music. We promote the power of imagination and inquiry while encouraging students to develop an ordered thought process directed toward problem solving. Academic success is verified by the Stanford 10, one of the leading standardized achievement tests used by school districts throughout the United States. Our 8th grade students have scored in the top 10% nationally for all subjects, including the 95th percentile for math.
  • Virtue: Pursuit of Moral Excellence

    Ave Maria Academy inspires students to live virtuous lives. Children at the Academy learn to give the best of themselves, to be honest, prudent, pious, and to practice fortitude. Students engage in daily acts of charity that may take place within the school or extend to communities around the world. Through the moral guidance of committed faculty, students learn that faith finds its full expression in service to others.
  • Community: Dedicated and Faithful

    As a small, independent Catholic school, our community is dedicated to fostering each child’s intellectual, moral and personal development. Our teachers strive to understand the unique gifts of each student and challenge them to excel. The school’s extraordinary parental support is reflected in a strong volunteer rate. Middle school students eagerly assume the role of mentors and role models for younger children. The strength of our community is reflected in the accomplishments of our students and overall success of the school.