Curriculum Overview

Committed to academic excellence, Ave Maria Academy offers a comprehensive and rigorous academic curriculum to its students. Core disciplines are taught from Pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade, comprising of religion, English, science, mathematics, history and geography. Student studies are enriched by regular instruction of Spanish, Latin, art, music, physical education and technology. Curriculum is enlightened by the Catholic intellectual tradition providing every student with a healthy understanding of the integral relationship between faith and reason reflecting the true, beautiful, and good. It is steeped in the hallmarks of the Western tradition of thought spanning the centuries from Egypt, Greece, and Rome through our present day. We promote the power of imagination and inquiry while encouraging students to develop an ordered thought process directed toward problem solving.

Student success may be seen in a number of ways, most keenly in the school's Stanford 10 scores, one of the leading standardized tests used by school districts across the United States. Eighth graders at Ave Maria have scored in the top 10% nationally for most subjects, including the 94% percentile for mathematics. This success is built upon a sincere belief in the high potential of each child as well as the individual attention given to each student by his or her teachers. Ave Maria's small class sizes provide opportunity for a more personalized and varied approach to teaching subject matter. Rooted in the inherent God-given dignity of each child, an authentic relationship between student and teacher is possible whereby the teacher may truly understand the academic potential of each student.