School Awards & Competitions

While academic achievement should be its own reward, students do derive added incentive from the knowledge that their efforts may receive special recognition from Ave Maria Academy.

Awards ~ Competitions ~ Accomplishments

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  • Science Fair

    Students present their scientific findings from a great variety of experiments. They have a procedure to follow in order to prepare for the fair. Judges are then brought in to score the student on the project's overall presentation and their knowledge of the topic.
  • Spelling Bee

    Ave Maria utilizes the Scripps National Spelling Bee materials for administering the school’s spelling bee. Grades 1-8 participate in the classroom bees and move onto the all-school bee in two categories. The lower school bee comprises grades 1-4 while the upper school bee comprises grades 5-8. The goal of this competition is to encourage academic excellence as well as provide opportunity for public speaking.
  • Geography Bee

    Competition among grades to test their knowledge.
  • Catechism Bee

    Competition among grades to test their knowledge.
  • Public Class

    Public Class is an annual academic challenge. Each class is divided into two teams and questions are posed from each major subject area, one student at a time. The team that answers the most questions correctly wins the competition. The purpose of holding public class is to test academic knowledge and provide an opportunity for students to develop poise and presentation in front of a group of people.
  • Fire Safety Poster Contest

    Each October, the Maple Grove Fire Rescue Department invites all 4th graders to participate in a fire safety poster contest. The contest is sponsored by the participating fire departments of the North Suburban Regional Mutual Aid Association. The poster theme needs to include a fire safety message.
  • Honor Roll

    Students in grades 3-8 who earn an A- average (90%) or better in the major subjects (language arts, mathematics, history/geography, science, religion, and Spanish) with no individual subject’s grade below a B- (80%) for a given quarter will be placed on the Honor Roll.