Family Activities & Programs

Ave Maria Academy believes that a strong family community helps to build strong leaders for our future. To enrich our family community, we offer several family and parent activities throughout the year that are designed to be fun opportunities for families to spend time together. Parent-student activities include the father/son camping trip and the mother/daughter event. Parent only activities include couple’s night out, Texas Hold’em tournaments, movie nights, book clubs and Bible studies.

See Calendar for a list of these events.

Special Days & Programs

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  • Grandparents Day

    Every year Ave Maria students invite their grandparents to come and visit them at their school. Students whose grandparents aren’t able to participate are encouraged to invite a special friend such as their Godparents or a “Grand-friend.” Students will be able to give their visitors a tour of their classrooms, introduce them to their teachers and bring them to see the special Grandparents Day program. We commemorate the occasion with a photo of all the grandparents with their grandchildren.
  • All Saints Day

    The Solemnity of All Saints is an important opportunity for students to learn about and honor all of the saints in the Catholic Church. Each student chooses a saint to research on their own and then comes dressed as that saint for a school parade following Mass. This festive day and parade is a fun way for students to learn from the examples of these holy men and women while celebrating their lives.
  • Christmas Pageant & Advent Concert

    Each Christmas students celebrate the birth of Jesus by performing a Christmas pageant. Under the leadership of our music director, the performance showcases the dramatic and musical talents of our students while promoting the true spirit of Christmas.
  • Spring Play

    After several months of preparation through class and drama club the 5th - 8th grade student perform a junior version of a play. The students audition for both singing and speaking parts. We have done several well known plays: Into the Woods, Music Man, Annie, The Granny Awards, Beauty and the Beast and most recently, Get Smart . The younger students of the school (Pre-K through 4th grade) take part in a Spring Musical.
  • May Crowning

    Our patroness is Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary and so we have a continual and dedicated reliance on Mary. Almost all important events that have helped form and build this school have all been around Marian feast days. In May each year we have a celebration which consists of a Mass, song, prayer and we crown one of our beautiful statues of Mary.
  • Art Show & Band Recital

    The students show off their talents at the art show that is usually combined with another spring event. Thier work is displayed for all to see. Outside judges are asked to view and award in certain categories. Those students in band have the opportunity to play several pieces learned throughout the school year.