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  • 8th Grade Class of 2021

    Congratulations to our 8th grade graduates! Best of luck as you each go your separate ways and off to high school in the fall. Enjoy the adventure!
  • Ave Maria Academy Band Concert

    This is the fifth year for our band program and ten 5th-8th grade band students held an impressive performance for their family and friends. The students are instructed by Mr. Pete Enblom with McPhail Center for Music. They played a number of songs and impressed the school with their talents in such a short time of learning their instruments. We hope that the upcoming 4th graders will be interested in this growing program at Ave Maria.
  • May Crowning

    This was a special day for our 2nd graders who have received their first Holy Communion this year.
    The celebration began with the students, staff and teachers of Ave Maria Academy honoring Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth with a beautiful votive Mass, procession, and crowning. God blessed us with the sunshine and warmth on this beautiful day. Praise God for His goodness and beauty!
  • Ave Maria Academy Presents Seussical Jr.

    The amazing 5th-8th grade students were delighted to perform in person the musical Seussical. The prek-4th graders were able to enjoy a special performance during the school day on Friday, and family and friends were welcomed to three other live performances –one on Friday night and two on Saturday.  The cast mesmerized all with their singing, dancing, and acting.  The show was a ton of fun and a huge success!  Congratulations to everyone for their stellar performances!
  • Fish Dissections

    The 7th grade students dissected fish during Science class. 
  • CSCOE Big Bang Science Fair

    Ave Maria Academy had two students in grades 6th through 8th representing our school at the CSCOE Big Bang Science Fair.
    Congratulations to Morgan (8th grade) and Izu (6th grade) who competed in the Big Bang Catholic Science Fair. 
    50 students out of 200 were selected to compete. Morgan placed 2nd in the 6th-8th grade category with her science project.
    Congratulations to our students for their hard work and fantastic projects!
  • 6th Grade

    The 6th graders made plaster fossils in Earth Science, as part of their fossils and geologic time unit.
  • 4th Graders

    The 4th grade students finished their life science unit by creating a Super Prey or Super Predator. They chose traits and strengths important to their animal. Students learned how to peer review and revise their projects.
  • 1st Grade on Parade

    Mrs. Lee’s 1st Grade Krewe of Rollin’ Readers paraded for Mardi Gras. Students were asked to create a shoe box float based on a book of their choice!! 
  • Mass and Muffins

    This morning the school celebrated Mass and muffins with the Most Revered Bishop Cozzens. His Excellency made a visit to each classroom and answered questions from the students.  It was a great way to celebrate our last day of Catholic Schools Week!
  • Outside Gym Class

    All of the students have been enjoying sledding during gym class this week.
  • The Pre K-3 students

    The Pre K-3 students enjoyed water coloring the letter R.
  • 5th Grade Science

    The 5th graders did a science experiment with soil and sand. It was nice to be back for in person learning!
  • Christmas Pageant

    The Ave Maria Academy Christmas Pageant was recorded with a digital audience. Even though the students had to perform a little differently than in years past, they still made the magic of the season come alive in our gymnasium. The students, under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Kira and Mrs. Marissa Welsh, sang a variety of Christmas songs. The older grades performed a Christmas play that was narrated by the students.
  • A Day at AMA

    We are inviting you to take a closer look at what a day is like for our students at Ave Maria Academy. We are making the most out of every moment, creating memories that they will have for a lifetime. 
  • Happy Veterans Day!

    In honor of all the men and women who served and continue to serve this country, "Happy Veterans Day!" Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. God bless you and God bless America.

    The celebration of the Solemnity of All Saints’ Day was a joyous one. Saints were all over the place as the students and teachers dressed up as saints they look up to and admire. In front of peers the students went on stage to introduce themselves and the saints in which they were dressed. The festivities ended with a pizza lunch and recess with their friends.
  • Morning Prayers

    The students have morning prayer a little differently this year. The 8th graders live stream prayers from the chapel as students pray from their classrooms while watching the screen.
  • Fun in the snow!

    The 4th graders had a great time in the snow.
  • 2020 Ave Maria Academy Golf Classic.

    Thank you to all of our families that participated in our Golf Classic!
    Even with all of the changes to the golf tournament this year, it was a success. Hope you can join us next year at the Medina Golf & Country Club.

    Congratulations to the winning team!
    First place with a score of 57
    Doug Sabers, Andy Feterl, Luke Feterl & Nate Nelson

    Second place with a score of 62
    Matt Nelson, Alex Sommer, Ben Davis & Jaime Rocha

    Third place with a score of 64
    John Jacobson, Grant Brekke, Grant Brekke Jr. & Dede Brekke

    Fourth place with a score of 65
    Brooke Sullivan, Ian Sullivan, Steve Merriman & Nick Merriman

    Special thank you to our sponsors!

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